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Know Your Customer (KYC) Identity Verification Policy
2018-11-11 20:28

Know Your Customer (KYC) Identity Verification Policy

From Hong Kong and Taiwan law enforcement authorities, we have received many subpoenas requiring us to help investigate internet crimes. In order to prevent our services from being criminally abused, we now require new customers who have ordered certain services to verify their identity.

  • Not all products require identity verification. Only if the customer order the products and services marked as requiring KYC identity verification need to comply.
  • Once a customer account passes KYC and marked verified, the status will be good for 2 years.

We ask our customers 2 types of documents to establish their identity and residence.

  • One of the following government issued photo ID to verify your identity
    1. National ID card
    2. Driving license
    3. Passport and other travel documents
    4. Visa stamp
    5. Business registration certificates (for business)
  • One of the following proof of address documents with your full name and address
    1. Bank / credit card statements
    2. Utility bills: water, electricity, gas, landline, internet, cable TV, mobile phone
    3. Tax returns

Customers should submit one document from each category via our online ticket system, to have their account verified. Our support agent will also contact the customer to ask for KYC documents, after an unverified account places an order for services that require KYC check. Failure to respond to our request in a timely manner may incur losses to customers.

If a customer successfully passes KYC within 3 days of ordering, we will provision the service and extend its next due date by the time the customer took to have their account verified.

Absent a customer's timely response to our request for KYC documents within 3 days of ordering, we will provision the service and suspend it right away, until the customer passes KYC or the service expires. In such case, even if the customer later passes KYC, we will not extend the service period. Due to the lack of cooperation from the customer, a suspended service, in this case, is considered a rendered / delivered service.

The customer data we collect will be stored encrypted. We will only disclose this information when required by local authorities where the server locates.



  • 並非所有產品都需要身份驗證。僅當客戶訂購標記為需要KYC身份驗證的產品和服務時,才需要遵守。
  • 客戶帳戶通過KYC並標記為已驗證後,狀態將保持2年。


  • 以下政府發布的帶有照片的證件之一,以驗證您的身份
    1. 身份證
    2. 駕駛執照
    3. 護照或者其他旅行證件
    4. 旅行簽證頁
    5. 商業註冊登記證(商業客戶)
  • 以下地址證明之一,帶有您的全名和地址
    1. 銀行/信用卡對帳單
    2. 水電費:水,電,氣,座機,互聯網,有線電視,手機帳單
    3. 報稅表








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